BCPSA 2013 Conference Programme

BCPSA 2013 Conference Programme (pdf)

2 – 3 May, 2013

University of British Columbia – Vancouver

The conference of the British Columbia Political Studies association is hosted by the Political Science department at UBC – Vancouver.  It will be held in the Buchanan building at UBC-Vancouver on Thursday May 2 and Friday May 3, 2013.

An updated version of this programme and conference information can be found at https://www.bcpsa.ca . This is the final version, printed April 29, 2013.

Papers available for download appear as links labelled with the Author’s name at the end of each line. Please do not cite without permission of the authors.

Programme Chair: Fred Cutler                       Programme Committee: Barbara Arneil, Gerald Baier

Note: All presentations should be limited to 15 minutes. Discussants should make their comments in less than 10 minutes.

Thursday May 2nd 2013

8:30 -9:00    Registration Buchanan B room B214, UBC (Google Maps Location)

9:10 -9:20    Welcome Address

Richard Johnston, Head, Department of Political Science, UBC-Vancouver and
Past President, Canadian Political Science Association

1a. 9:30 -10:50        Room:  Buchanan B215

Canadian Politics Chair/Discussant: Gerald Baier (UBC)

1: Judicial Review, Charter Politics, and Federalism in Canada – The American  Influences – Ivan Jankovic (SFU) Jankovic1

2: Federal -Provincial Fiscal Transfer Relations – Peter Blaikie Blaikie

3: Dilemmas from Changes to the Royal Succession: Is there a Canadian Monarchy? – Andrew Heard (SFU)

10:50 -11:00            Coffee/Tea Break and Registration Buchanan B room B214,

2a. 11:00 -12:20      Room:  Buchanan B213

Teaching and Learning Chair: Fred Cutler (UBC)

1: Eleven Authors in Search of a Student – Derek Cook (Thompson Rivers University)

2: The Flipped Class Room and the Flipped Curriculum – Tracy Summerville (UNBC)

3: Team Based Learning in Introductory Canadian Politics – Paul Kopas (UBC)

2b. 11:00 -12:20      Room:  Buchanan B215

Political Theory and Reconciliation Chair/Discussant: Barbara Arneil (UBC)

1: Amnesia and Resistance in Canada’s Culture of Redress – Matt James (Victoria)

2: Reparation as Reallocation: Towards a Theory of Reburdening – Sam Grey (Victoria)

3: Agonistic Politics and Reconciliation in Canada – Hannah Wyile (Victoria)

4: Reconciliation, Indigenous Peoples and Development in Australia: ‘Closing the Gap’ or Re-imagining the Gap? – Allison Howard (Victoria)

12:30 -1:30      Lunch provided at Thea’s Lounge, Koerner Centre

1:40 -4:30    Room: Buchanan C403

BCPSA Articulation Meeting  (followed by BCPSA Business Meeting 4:30-5:20)

3a. 1:40 -3:00          Room:  Buchanan B213

Indigenous Politics Chair/Discussant: Matthew Wildcat (UBC)

1: From Recognition to Agonistic Reconciliation: A Critical Multilogue on Indigenous – Settler Relations in Canada – Fraser Harland (Victoria) Harland

2: The Saugeen, The Sovereign, and the Settler: Applying Agamben to Indigenous -Settler Relations in Upper Canada (1763 -1857) – Deanne Leblanc (Victoria) Leblanc

3: Yoremes of Sinaloa and their inclusion to the information society – José Vargas – Hernández (Center of Economic and Managerial Sciences University of Guadalajara) Vargas Hernandez

3b. 1:40 -3:00         Room:  Buchanan B215

Conflict Chair/Discussant: Jan Lüdert (UBC)

1: Apportionment and Sequential Allocation: Toward a Fair Division Method for the Spratly Islands Dispute – Daniel Smith (New York University) DSmith
2: Qaddafi, Assad, and Political Legitimacy: The Obama administration’s policy on rightful governance – Nicolas Persons (University of Washington) Persons

3: Three Types of Wartime Sexual Violence: The Recruitment, Strategies, and Tactics of Armed Combatants in Civil War – Alicia Luedke (UBC) Luedke

3:00 -3:10     Coffee/Tea Break

4a. 3:10 -4:30          Room:  Buchanan B213

Political Development Chair/Discussant: Nathan Allen (UBC)

1: The Politics of Low Capacity: The Case of Kurdistan – Kawa Jabary (SFU) Jabary

2: De – or Re-constructing Coporationality, Developmentality, and Phallogicality?: the Inscriptive-Reinscriptive play between the South Korean Developmental State and Social  Movements – (Chong Su Kim – Victoria) Kim

3: The 2012 – 2013 leadership change in China – Evolution of China’s succession system and implications for China’s political development – David Ding (UBC -Okanagan) Ding

4b. . 3:10 -4:30       Room:  Buchanan B215

Public Policy Chair/Discussant: Kristi Kenyon (UBC)

1: Power, Profit, and Precarity: Occupational Health and Safety in the Tree Planting  Industry – Russell Claus (Victoria) Claus

2: Networking in the life science sector: The missing link in British Columbia – Sarah Giest (SFU) Giest
3: Managing Policy Consultants: Evidence from a Survey of Canadian Policy Managers – Michael Howlett and Andrea Migone (SFU)
Howlett and Migone

4:00 -5:20 Buchanan C403

BCPSA Annual Business Meeting

5:30 -6:30 Buchanan A201

Keynote Address Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science, UBC – Vancouver

Why British Columbia’s Climate Politics are important for Political Scientists

Kathryn Harrison is author of Racing to the Bottom? Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation, Passing the Buck: Federalism and Canadian Environmental Policy, and numerous articles on comparative environmental policy, climate policy, and Canadian politics

6:40 -9:00    Dinner at Thea’s Lounge. Cash bar. Buffet dinner from Nuba restaurant.

Friday May 3rd 2013

5a. 9:30 -10:50        Room:  Buchanan B213

BC Politics and the Campbell Years Chair/Discussant: Tracy Summerville (UNBC)

1: The Campbell Years – BC’s Creative Economy – Duncan Low (SFU) Low

2: It’s Not The This Dog Won’t Bark: It’s That It Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree – Paddy Smith (SFU) PSmith

3: Turned On and Tuning In or Dropping Out: An Investigation of Youth Political Engagement in the Fraser Valley – Elizabeth Ashton (University of Fraser Valley)

5b. 9:30 -10:50        Room:  Buchanan B215

Comparative Domestic Public Policy Chair/Discussant: Déborah Barros Leal Farias (UBC)

1: Improving Public Secondary Education in Brazil: Opening doors and breaking the cycle – Elisa Ferreira (SFU) Ferreira

2: Corruption in Brazil: an analysis of irregularities at the state level – Ana Aranha (UBC) Aranha

3: The political conflict on road safety in the Flemish parliament 2004 -2009: on issue  characteristics and the structure of policy conflict – (Allan Muller – Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Muller

10:50 -11:00            Coffee/Tea Break

6a. 11:00 -12:20      Room:  Buchanan B213

Political Theory and Democratic Practice Chair/Discussant: Edana Beauvais (UBC)

1: John Locke and the Rights of Children – Matthew Riddett (Victoria) Riddett

2: Freedom of Expression, Communicative Equality and Mass Media – Renato  Francisquini (UBC)Francisquini

3: Local Self -Government on the Peri-Urban Fringe – Katherine Burnett (Victoria)Burnett

6b. 11:00 -12:20      Room:  Buchanan B215

Public Management Chair/Discussant: Andrew Heard (SFU)

1: The Certainty of Uncertainty: Risk Mitigation as PostModern Soothsaying – Lisa  Burke (University of Denver)

2: The Politics of Management in Public-Private Partnerships – Joshua Newman (SFU) Newman

Lunch available at campus restaurants.

7a. 1:40 -3:00          Room:  Buchanan B213

Theory and Authoritarianism Chair/Discussant: Nicholas Kunysz (UBC)

1: Managing Tensions in the Iranian Constitution: Informal Constitutional Practices and the Suppression of Democratic Institutions – Babak Zargarian (Vancouver Island University) Zargarian

2: Identities and Authoritarianism: The Boundaries of Selfhood – Steven Orr (Victoria) Orr

3: Beyond the Matrix: The Problem of Knowledge and Self-Determination – Peter  Prontzos (Langara)