Information for Presenters and Discussants

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

1) How should I format my paper?

The BCPSA follows the style guidelines of the Canadian Journal of Political Science, as outlined in the following document:

The main exception is that we don’t require you to provide a French translation of the abstract.

2) When must I submit my paper to the discussant?

Please send your paper to the discussant for your panel as soon as possible so as to give them adequate time to read and reflect on it.  Discussants will be listed in the Programme, and posted on the BCPSA website, along with their e-mail address. 

3) What is the role of the discussant?

Disscussants at BCPSA conferences will have a dual role:  to chair the panel and to give a commentary on the papers.  

4) How much time do presenters have?

The sessions run for 90 minutes.  Presenters typically speak for 10-15 minutes each, depending on whether there are two or three presenters on the panel.  The discussant follows with his or her commentary, after which presenters may wish to reply.  The remainder of the session is usually taken up with questions and comments from the audience. 

5) Are the rooms equipped for power point presentations and videos?

Yes. The classrooms are equipped with a screen, digital video projector, a PC computer, DVD/VCR player, wired and wireless network connection, internet, and phone. If you bring your own laptop, especially if it is a Mac, you should bring your own adaptor. 

Ensure you always have a back-up of your presentation files. We recommend you save your files on a USB key, as well as email them to yourself or make use of a cloud storage site for online retrieval. It is especially helpful to save a copy of any video file(s) on a USB key to ensure that it can be played without reliance on the internet, in case of a poor connection. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the discussant for your panel (listed on the Programme) or the Conference Organizers.