Minutes  BCPSA  2017 

Annual General Meeting May 4, 2017

Douglas College, New Westminster, BC Agenda

Aboriginal Gathering Place

In Attendance

Patrick Smith, SFU
Jeanette Ashe, Douglas College,
Alex Netherton, VIU ,
Derek Cook, TRU,
Ayla Kilic, Okanagan College

Call to Order & Acknowledgments 

  • Acknowledgment of meeting and deliberating on the Traditional Territories of the QayQayt First Nation

Approval of Agenda and Any Additional Items

  • Agenda Approved

Approval of Previous Minutes of the BCPSA 2016 AGM

  • Minutes Approved

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

BCPSA Website

  • There was discussion and consensus position developed on the BCPSA Website. Essentially, the position is to hold onto the current service provider until such time that it is advantageous for us to relocate the website to VIU. 

Report 2016 AGM

  • The report and discussion on the 2016 AGM emphasized that it was successful and yet revenue neutral for the BCPSA.

Financial Management 

  • This discussion centred on financial management and signing authorities.  Some updates were to be made.

Chair’s Report

1)    New Business

a)     BCPSA – Indigenous Studies Articulation Committee

  •  There was a discussion on the BCPSA relationship with the Indigenous Studies Articulation Committee.  The consensus position was that the chair would approach the ISAC to invite a member to join our executive committee

b)    Prizes

  • There was a general discussion on Prizes and their financial foundations.  The discussion came to a consensus that more attention would be paid to lower lever prizes and that a larger stipend would accompany them. It was thought that publisher display fees could be used to finance prizes.  Two motions followed.
  • Motion to increase the number of Mike Meade awards from one to two to encourage and reward student achievement in colleges. \
  • Motion to increase the stipend for Prize Winners from $25 to $50.

2)    Treasurer’s Report 

3)    AGM 2017 – to be held at TRU

4)    Thanks

  • To Douglas College, Jeanette Ashe, colleagues and organizers of BCPSA 2017

5)    Essay Contest Winners

i)      Meade Michael –  Zeus D. Ghroff – UBC

ii)     Norman Ruff   – Morgan Mowatt – VIU

iii)    Honours Paper / Thesis – Katelin Van – UVic

iv)   PHD Paper – Graeme Crouch – UVic 

Next AGM: Thompson Rivers University .

Motion to Adjourn