Minutes of the 2013 BC Political Studies Association Annual General Meeting University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) 2 May 2013

1 Call to Order

2 In attendance, same as BCPS Articulation Committee

 (from BCCAT  Political Science 2013 Articulation Meeting Minutes)

Hamish Telford (University of the Fraser Valley)
Greg Millard (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Fred Cutler (University of British Columbia)
Patrick Smith (Simon Fraser University)
Andrew Heard (Simon Fraser University)
Darin Nesbitt (Douglas College)
Stephen Phillips (Langara College)
James Lawson (University of Victoria)
Tracy Summerville (University of Northern British Columbia)
David Ding (UBC Okanagan)
Derek Cook (Thompson Rivers University)
Mona Brash (Camosun College)
Tim Schouls (Capilano University)
Conrad King (Capilano University)
Ayla Kilic (Okanagan College)
Randy Janzen (Selkirk College)
Vincent Keramat (Acsendia School of Management)
Marcel Dirk (College of the Rockies)
Paul Whyte (North Island College)
Ayla Kilic (Okanagan College)
Alex Netherton (Vancouver Island College)

Recorder: Darin Nesbitt

3 Reports

3.1 BCPSA President Report: Ayla Kilic
Action Item: NWCC, possible cut of Political Science sections and cut of articulation committee funding.

3.2 Report:

Since the member did not apply for funding, BCPSA had no ground for intervention. Since the NWCC Faculty Association intervened and prevented possible job loss and possible loss of poli sections, BCPSA had no ground for intervention

  3.3 BCPSA secretary-treasurer report: Paddy Smith


P. Smith stated that he would be stepping down as the secretary treasurer and reported that ?????? would be willing to serve as the new secretary treasurer.

4 New Business

4.1 High-school POLI initiative:

a. A.  Kilic commented on the importance of including political science in high school curriculum. Students are not exposed to political science /political issues and are intimidated by politics and political discussions. Students’ exposure to academic disciplines at high school level plays a significant in their course selection at post-secondary education. High-school politics course will have a positive impact on political science course enrollment at post-secondary level. It will also help to inseminate democratic values and improve political socialization.

b.  Although current social studies courses have a politics component, they are not adequate and depending on the interest of teachers the poli component limited to, at most, 1/3 of a course.

c.  There are various initiatives elsewhere to add new courses in high school curriculum. Ontario, for example, recently introduced a gender studies course.

d.  There are similar initiatives in the USA

e.  A. Kilic showed a similar proposal on high-school poli course which was from New Brunswick.

f.          It was agreed that Conrad King from Capilano University would submit a preliminary report at the 2014 meeting.

4.2       Executive elections: A. Kilic explained that there was no accurate information on executive members. H. Telford explained that the previous executive committee’s term had been extended for one more term. Still no accurate information on who is in the executive committee. A. Kilic was asked to communicate with members to find out who they were.

4.3.      Website update: problems with the current website is discussed. A. Kilic was asked to investigate the issue and report back in 2014 meeting.

5) Adjournment

(Motion  moved and supported, but not recorded)