Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 2003

Draft May 6, 2003

1. The meeting of May 3, 2003 at the Harbour Centre Campus of Simon Fraser University was called to order at 8:15 am by President A. Michalos.

2. It was MOVED by D. Cook and SECONDED by J. Kim that the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting be approved. CARRIED


The results of the first adjudication of the Geoff Weller Memorial Book Prize were discussed. It was agreed that there were adequate publications received to award the prize on an annual basis. It was MOVED by A. Michalos and SECONDED by M. Howlett that the Weller rpize be awarded on an annual basis. CARRIED


4.1. President’s Report

Discussion centered on the location of future AGMs and the written request received from G. Poelzer at UNBC that the UNBC AGM be moved back from 2004 to 2005. It was MOVED by N. Gal-Or and SECONDED by S. Tyakoff that the 2004 AGM be held at Kwantlen University-College, the 2005 AGM at UNBC, the 2006 AGM at Malaspina University-College and the 2007 AGM at Douglas College. CARRIED.

It was also noted that the BCPSA AGM appears to be co-inciding with the meetings of the BC Studies Association. After some discussion it was agreed that M. Howlett would contact K. Carty to try to get more information on the BC Studies Association and see if some efficiencies might be obtained through joint meetings etc.

4.2. Treasurer’s Report

M.Howlett presented several financial statements covering the April 1 to March 31 2002/2003 fiscal year. He noted that the association published 5 volumes of proceedings over the last year and is now up-to-date in this area. Proceedings are now issued in paper and CD format on a cost recovery basis. It was also reported that the SFU conference was a financial success with approximately 75 paying participants and should result in a $1000 surplus being transferred to the Association accounts.


5.1. It was announced that the winners of the annual student essay prizes were:

Undergraduate — Lower Division: Dereck Light, University College of the Fraser Valley
“Brokerage Parties and Consociational Democracy in Canada.”

Undergaduate — Senior Division: Matthew A. Hoekstra, Simon Fraser University
“The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas and Labour: How Pressing Labour
Issues will Play out in the Proposed Hemispheric Trading Bloc.”

Graduate — M.A.: Kimberley Worthington, Simon Fraser University
“Local Economic Development Strategies in a Globalized World: Coquitlam
British Columbia’s Investment and ITC Programs.”

Graduate — Ph.D.: Phil Orchard, University of British Columbia
“Go Home or Sleep under the Stars: The Plight of Internally Displaced
Persons, An Emerging Norm?”

5.2. It was MOVED by D. Cook and SECONDED by A. Michalos that the Lower Division UG prize be re-named the “Mike Meade Prize for Best Essay by a Lower Division Undergraduate Student” in honour of recently deceased Malaspina University-College Instructor Mike Meade. CARRIED

5.3. It was MOVED by C. Bennett and SECONDED by J. Kim, that a new essay prize category be created beginning in 2004 for “Best Undergraduate Honours Essay”. CARRIED

It was also agreed to ensure that future advertisements for the essay awards would contain the information that award recipients would be announced at the AGM and posted to the Association website.

5.4. It was MOVED by D. Cook and SECONDED by N. Gal-Or that a new committee be struck to investigate avenues by which the BCPSA might raise funds for activities such as the Weller and Mike Meade prizes and student bursaries. The Committee to be composed of N. Gal-Or, C. Bennett, M. Howlett and S. Phillips. CARRIED


It was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED that the following be elected to the BCPSA Executive for two year terms: President Stephen Phillips (Langara College); VP1 Noemi Gal-Or (Kwantlen); VP2(A) Tracy Summerville (UNBC); VP2(B) Jeremy Rayner (Malaspina); Secretary-Treasurer: Michael Howlett (SFU) Regional Rep North Gary Wilson (UNBC); Regional Rep Southern Interior Derek Cook (Cariboo); Regional Rep Vancouver Island Colin Bennett (UVIC) and Regional Rep Lower Mainland Shaun Tyakoff (Douglas College) and John Dyck (TWU).

8. It was MOVED by N. Gal-Or and SECONDED by M. Howlett that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED and the meeting adjourned at 9:00 am