Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 2000

May 6, 2000

University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C.
Draft – May 10, 2000


1. The meeting was called to order by N. Ruff at 8:20 am

2. The agenda was distributed and participants welcomed. It was MOVED by A. Michalos and SECONDED by P. Smith that the agenda be approved as distributed.


3. It was MOVED by N. Ruff and SECONDED by M. Howlett that the minutes of the 1999 AGM be approved.


4. Business Arising from the Minutes.

4.1. The location for the 2003 AGM was discussed. It was agreed that, following past practice, this meeting should be held in the Lower Mainland area. The three remaining institutions yet to host AGMs are Kwantlen, Douglas, and UC Fraser Valley. It was agreed to refer the final decision to Articulation (subsequently confirmed as Douglas College).

4.2. Societies Act incorporation had been pursued by outgoing Secretary K. Carty but with no progress reported. This item to be pursued by the incoming secretary.

4.3. Proceedings from the 1995, 1996 and 1997 AGMs will be mailed by D. Cook next week. Some discussion ensued as to whether these should all be accompanied by a bill to libraries; the concern being that smaller libraries might return or destroy the packages if a bill was attached. It was agreed to follow the original decision to include a bill with all packages but to monitor the results closely before sending out the 1998, 1999 and 2000 packages.

5. President’s Report.

N. Ruff noted the large number of registrants (80+) at this year’s AGM and Extended his thanks to the students, staff and faculty who worked on the conference.

6. Secretary’s Program Report

M. Howlett noted that this year’s AGM inluded 20 sessions with 32 papers, three roundtables and 1 keynote panel. Sixty-two participants wwere included on the programme from four provinces and five countries. This was the second largest programme of the six AGMs to date, only slightly behind the number recorded at UBC in 1999.

7. Treasurer’s Report

M. Howlett reported that the BCPSA had $2103.29 in its bank account as of March 31, 2000. However, the Association had paid only $378 of a $1681.30 bill received in February, 2000 from UBC concerning late charges and reconciliations from the 1999 AGM. It was noted that the remaining $1303.30 included a late charge of $303.30 for xeroxing and an unspecified $1,000.00 shortfall in revenues over expenditures. It was also noted that UBC had not yet provided any assistance for publication of proceedings, which would be over and above this amount and that the full amount of a $2301.00 payment to a conference organizer had been charged to the Association.

After some discussion it was agreed that P. Smith and M. Howlett would contact K. Carty to inquire as to the state of the bill and the possibility of the UBC Department absorbing some charges with respect to xeroxing, conference organizing, and proceedings.


8. Elections

M. Howlett outlined the vacancies in the positions of 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President (A and B), Secretary, and at-large representatives from each of the four regions. ACCLAIMED as 1st and 2nd (A and B)Vice Presidents were S. Phillips, B. MacCullogh, and a representative from the site of the 2003 AGM (subsequenly C. Kukucha). M. Howlett was ACCLAIMED as secretary. ACCLAIMED as regional representatives were (North) A. Michalos, (Southern Interior) T. Kadding (Lower Mainland) N. Gal-or, and (Vancouver Island) P. Whyte.

It was also moved by P. Smith and seconded by N. Ruff, that notice of motion be given to amend the Consitution to combine the positions or secretary and treasurer into a new position of “secretary-treasurer”.


9. New Business

D. Cook reported on the success of the BCPSA campaign to attain ‘teachable status” for political science in the Province’s education and teaching training programmes. At least one new course on Law and Politics had been created which would help this process.

M. Howlett reported on the 2000 essay prize winners PHD- Linda Elmose, Simon Fraser University – “Learning, Symbolism and Legitimacy: Policy Instrument Choice in Canada’s New Media Industry”; MA – Jonathan Ferschau, Simon Fraser University – “An Analysis of the Long-term Cost Reduction Tools Employed by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Road Sense Advertising and the Road Safety Strategy”; UDUG Terri Giesbrecht, University of Northern British Columbia – “Federal-Provincial relations in the Pacific Salmon Dispute: A ‘Checkers’ Game Approach to Analyszing Intergovernmental Conflict”; and LDUG Lance Noble, Douglas College – “Modern Mercantilism: The World Trade Organization and the Exploitation of the Developing World”. Each will be sent a $25 bookprize.

10. At 9:00 am it was MOVED by A. Shadrack and SECONDED by D. Cook that the meeting be adjourned.