This server contains information on the British Columbia Political Studies Association (BCPSA) and its activities. The current BCPSA president is Alexander Netherton ( of the Department of Political Studies at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC.

“Security in the Borderless Americas”

Friday, May 3

Registration and Publishers Exhibit: Fine Arts Lobby, North Campus
9:30 – 11:30: Academic Roundtable, “Free Commerce & Continental Security”, President’s Boardroom, North Campus
Heather Nicole, University of West Georgia: “Border Management: Sweet Harmony?”

Larry Johnson, UC Davis School of Law: “Terrorism”
Sahadeo Basdeo, Okanagan University College: “Security in the Caribbean”
Gary Hoskin, Universidad de los Andes,: “Crime and Insurgency in Colombia”

Chair: Allen Sens, University of British Columbia

12:00-13:15: Lunch, Location: Dining Centre, KLO Campus

Keynote Speaker: Robert J. Jackson, Fletcher Jones Professor of American Politics, University of Redlands

13:30-15:30: Government Roundtable
President’s Boardroom, North Campus
Hugo Llorens, U.S. Consul General

Ramon Garcia, FBI

Col. R.M. Williams, Director Western Hemisphere Policy, DND

Tim Smith, CSIS

Chair: Alex Moens, Simon Fraser University

15:30-17:30: Three Concurrent Panels
Fine Arts Building, North Campus,
Room 143
1. Reflections on September 11

Andy Shadrack, Selkirk College

The United States: Reflections on the Cold War and Its Aftermath

H.B. McCullough, Okanagan University College

Surprise and Indignation in Ancient Rome and Contemporary Washington

Chair and Discussant: Peter Prontzos, Langara College

Room 144

2. Reflections on the September 11

Douglas Ross, Simon Fraser University

The ‘New Terrorism’ and the Complex Vulnerability of North America

Adrian Ang, Mount-Royal College

Unsteady Alliance? The U.S., Canada, Europe, and the War on Terror

Chair and Discussant: Jim Rochlin, Okanagan University College
Room 145
3. Economic and Immigration Policy

Chris Kukucha, University of Lethbridge

Ideology and Provincial Foreign Economic Policy

Anil Hira, Simon Fraser University

Legalizing Immigration Flows

Chair and Discussant: David Winchester, Capilano College

1900-22:00: Banquest at Summerhill Estate Winery

Saturday, May 4

Registration and Publishers Exhibit: Fine Arts Lobby, North Campus

8:15-9:00: BCPSA Annual Business Meeting, SCI 203, North Campus

9:30-11:30: BCPSA Articulation Meeting, President’s Boardroom, N.C.
9:30-11:30: Two Concurrent Panels,
Fine Arts Building, North Campus
Room 143
1. Federal and Provincial Elections

Harold Jansen and Royce Koop, University of Lethbridge

On-line discussion of the 2001 BC Provincial Election

Russell Alan Williams, Simon Fraser University

Federal Electoral Distribution—Canada’s System of Representation in Crisis

Chair and Discussant: Alan Siaroff, University of Lethbridge

Room 144

2. Public Administration and Governance

Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University

Administrative Style in Canada, Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations

Patrick Smith, Simon Fraser University

Metropolitan Governance: a Comparative Analysis of Urban Sustainability

Jitesh Mistry, Simon Fraser University

Politics Matters: Explaining Why Governments Build Stadiums and Arenas

Chair: Sean Edwards, University of British Columbia

12:00-13:30: Lunch, Location: Faculty Lounge, North Campus

Speaker: Alex C. Michalos, BCPSA President, University of Northern British Columbia
13:30-15:30: Two Concurrent Panels
Fine Arts Building, North Campus,
Room 143.

1. Regional Variations and Political Attitudes

Boris DeWiel, University of Northern British Columbia

“Northerness” and “Westerness” as Explanatory Variables for Political Attitudes

Alan Siaroff and Royce Koop, University of Lethbridge

Regional Variations in Electoral Bias and Party Support in BC

Chair and Discussant: Stephen Phillips, Langara College
Room 144
2. Constitutional Law and Politics

Nada Mourtada-Sabbah, American University of Sharjah

Presidential Privilege over Communications: the Law

Thomas M.J. Bateman, Augustana Univeristy College

The New Globalism in Canadian Charter Interpretation: The Case of Extradition

Chair and Discussant: H.B. McCullough, Okanagan University College

16:00-17:00: BCPSA Roundtable on Teaching Comparative Politics

Room 145, Fine Arts Building, North Campus

David Ding, Okanagan University College