The Lynda Erickson Prize

The Lynda Erickson Prize recognizes the best political science edited book by a BC author or authors published in the preceding two years. This is a new prize intended to provide recognition for the contributions of edited volumes in research and synthesis. The book can be on any topic within the discipline and we encourage the nomination of collaborative as well as single editor works. 

  • The Departmental Chair or equivalent is responsible to send nominations for the Lynda Erickson Prize to the President of the BCPSA,
  • Books edited by a group of editors, not all from BC institutions, are eligible, provided that at least fifty percent of the editors are from BC institutions.
  • The Lynda Erickson Prize is awarded by an adjudication committee consisting of past presidents of the BCPSA.
  •  The is a biannual contest. The next competition is for edited books published during 2019 & 2020. The Submission deadline is January 15, 2021.